About Our Channel

Entertainment Africa is a family-friendly channel with programming for everyone, educational, inspiring, but also owned and run by women. Did you know that many of the independent films and TV series that are programmed for Entertainment Africa are made by female filmmakers? More than 50% of our content is made by women!


The channel’s main objective is to provide positive fresh content that is newly available to broadcast across the entire continent of Africa. This will include new independent programming, movies and shows as well as classic and indie films, custom for the African viewership.

It also aims to grow the audience of the local broadcast corporations, bringing economic growth to it’s partners in Africa.

A Subsidiary of


Made for everyone, powered by women.

Many of these shows and films are made by female African filmmakers. It is a great honor to be able to support a much needed wider variety of voices and provide an outlet that helps feature more female filmmakers. Additionally Entertainment Africa’s executive staff are all women. Which is a subsidiary of the media company Skyrocket, which is also owned and primarily staffed by women.
Kimberly Quigley, Founder
Olebogeng Phetoe, Station Manager
Helliate Rushwaya, Creative Producer
Besidone Atsemudiara, Film School Liaison

Positive programming for the Pan-African market

Entertainment Africa supports the independent film community throughout the Pan-African countries.
Actively looks for new content from up and coming filmmakers as well as connecting resources to assist in show growth.
Bringing fresh TV programming from the international markets as well as local African Filmmakers to broadcast
Programming will include educational, entertainment, news, movies, children’s shows and family friendly content.


Your premier independent channel Entertainment Africa, bringing positive global entertainment for the Pan African audience.
Methods for broadcast will include satellite, digital and terrestrial television.
Contact us for carrier details and official launch information.